There's one time when out-of-T dropping is good: the game has just lost T,
and the enemy is down to almost no planets. It's better to go and reset
than to have to abandon the geno attempt, then have the game be 18-2 with
the 2 core planets having 30 armies each when T finally comes back...

The downside is that there are some twinks who will go into a new galaxy
and take planets on both sides of one race just so that there will be
extra planets whenever the game gets going.

The question is how to deal with both situations adequately...

On Mon, 3 Jul 2000, James Cameron wrote:

> Trent, it was discussed, I guess you missed it.  The behaviour I adopted
> is consistent with beaming down while at peace; are you suggesting that
> a new message should be added for that condition as well?  Is non-T
> gameplay really that important to you?
> Tom, I can't envisage a situation where a real game will be disturbed by
> this change.  Can you elucidate please?  Your input may be valuable in
> assuring that the change will have negligible effect.  T-mode would have
> to drop before the new behaviour occurs.  I've not seen many real games
> where this is a problem, apart from dying pickup games, or massive net
> problems during an INL game.
> All: should I consider allowing bombing out of t-mode as a configuration
> option?  That change was not subject to the same discussion.
> The change in question has been made optional now, as of my latest CVS
> commit.  I never thought people would be so worried about such a minor 
> adjustment; we have far larger problems on our plates.
> Let's concentrate on those.
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