On Mon Jul 03 10:33:27 2000, Milton Norfleet wrote:
> Okay, I've been having problems with the metaserver listing my server
> twice under two different names, which started after we moved because the
> first box lagged badly and sucked ass in general. However, whenever we
> send an update to metaserver from the new site, it thinks we are the old
> site. It also lists both. Some guy on the newsgroup told me to send it
> here.
> I was told that if you send too many updates in too short of a time, the
> server would delist you. I was contemplating trying this, except I wasn't
> sure if it would be a permanent affliction. Anyway...

I think it is delisted temporarily. If I recall correctly, the only
way to get the server removed is if the metaserver maintainer stops
and starts the metaserver.

James, didn't you implement code that removed a server if it was longer
than 24 hours unavailable? (To answer my own question: I think not, I've 
never seen a server been removed automatically).

> Contents of .metaservers file:
> 3521 60 900 yayislife.wox.org C 2592 2591 open
> metaserver2.us.netrek.org 3521 60 900 yayislife.wox.org C 2592 2591 open
> metaserver.eu.netrek.org 3521 60 900 yayislife.wox.org C 2592 2591 open

Please remove metaserver.eu, it is no longer operational.

Cheers, Frank
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