Hey folks,

Thanks to Karthik Arumugham and Bob Tanner, I am pleased to make available
multiple download sites for the Netrek FTP archive.  The mirrors are
updated daily.  Uploads should go to the primary site.

             FTP:  ftp://ftp.netrek.org/
                   ftp://ftp3.netrek.org/pub/netrek/ (mirror at Real Time)
                   ftp://ftp2.netrek.org/pub/netrek/ (mirror at SourceForge)
            HTTP:  http://www.netrek.org/pub/
The Netrek home page at www.netrek.org has been moved off SourceForge due
to complaints about download speeds.  Look for a mirror at Real Time real
soon now...

Dave Ahn | ahn at vec.wfubmc.edu | Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.  Try to live your life
so that when you die, you will rejoice and the world will cry.  -1/2 jj^2