On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 08:00:04AM -0600, Darryl Palmer Jr wrote:
> I remember that was one goal of my porting the server code to work on NT.
> My goals have slightly increased and I wanted to also make it possible for
> people to write their own robots, and maybe steal some of the thunder from
> robo-soccer.  I have switched to rewriting the server in Java.  It still
> remains to be seen if the server can realistically handle 16+ clients, but
> the code currently isn't really that optimized and it will have to wait
> until January or so when I can test it.

Why Java?  We have it in C now.  The server code has nothing in it that 
should not execute fine as C compiled under Cygwin, in order to simulate
the Netrek universe.  The only issue left is to merge the code into a 
monolithic process rather than split processes.  For that we need some
heavy C clue and a bit of time.

This would be for the Cygwin port only, not for UNIX.  The advantage of
split processes is considerable.

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