On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 08:44:36PM -0600, Darryl Palmer Jr wrote:
> I am willing to help out with the core netrek code, but I don't have
> access to UNIX/Linux right now and probably won't have my old Linux box up
> and running again until next month or so.  

Don't wait.  Download and install Cygwin.  Gives you a remarkably
complete UNIX environment on your Microsoft Windows system.  Lots of
very handy utilities, even some with a GUI.

Once you have downloaded and installed Cygwin, check out the COW client,
and you should be able to immediately build it.  In theory.

Most of the Netrek server can also be built.  Just some small fragments
that are terribly critical don't actually work.

> I guess one of the biggest things that could be done with netrek is 
> probably to make some design documents for it.  Has this ever been 
> brought up?


You're welcome to do this; document the protocol or the design.  But
you will have to be the one to make sure the documents track reality.
The code is sufficient for most of us, and maintaining two separate
instances of documentation for a protocol is costly.  On the other hand
since changes to the protocol are unlikely at this stage, the investment
could be rewarded.

To contribute, gain access to CVS, upload your design documents there.
Format that I prefer is HTML.  Or DocBook SGML.  Tools are on Cygwin to
handle that, I think.  Not sure.

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