On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 03:11:05PM -0500, Brian Paulsen wrote:
> Are you building your bot from scratch, or are you using somebody else's
> code as a starting point?  The reason I ask is that I haven't seen that many
> bots that "just plain suck"  I've seen many bots (mine included) that play
> quite well and have given INL teams a struggle.  It's just that there are
> many complexities to the game and it's difficult to code all of the strategy
> in that is necessary to beat an INL team.

It isn't exactly from scratch. I diddled with this sort of thing 10
years ago. It is from scratch from a coding perspective.

Many 'bots, including the "Grandfather borg", while well done, were
quite exploitable. You just had to spend a few more minutes in the
game not caring about dying, choosing instead to watch how the bot
kills you. After a while, it is quite easy to find their flaws and
exploit them.

That being said, I would appreciate your input, or even code. The only
reason the code is starting from 'scratch', is that it is not likely
to be in a form that is compatible with anything that currently exists.

Often code can be incorporated without limiting one to cut+paste

> I'd be very curious to see how well your bots do if you are starting from
> scratch.

I am, as well. (Curious)

Especially if you have a functioning set of bots that can compete
against it. Priority 1 is to beat existing bots.


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