Some people were complaining that player stats get updated too slowly. 
Normally I play with the paradise two column player list, which doesn't show
players' stats (except kills, which are different), so I never noticed how
slow it was.

When I was enhancing the Paradise 2000 player list support, making the two
column list have configurable fields, I saw how annoying it was for a new
player to not get their stats sent for several minutes.

So I fixed the problem.  In a full game it should now take an average of 11
seconds for a new player to get their stats updated.  The bandwidth limiting
code will no longer cause a slot to be skipped for 32 seconds, it will just
get delayed for a couple of updates.  I may have messed up a server using
LTD_STATS.  Someone with such a server is encouraged to check that stats are
sent properly.