From: Dave Ahn <ahn at>
>On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 09:33:50PM -0700, Steve Sheldon wrote:
>> Flat arrays are evil.
>> At the very least using a psuedo database like MySQL will save the time of
>While SQL databases would be cool, I think they are overkill.  Something
>like BDBM should be sufficient for our needs...

Yes, but I think using a SQL database is a better long term solution and would be useful for recording other things such as historical INL game stats.  If it wasn't difficult to write the code to access it it'd be a slam dunk.

But as far as BDBM...  I assume you mean GDBM.  I checked and it's licensed under the GPL rather than the LGPL which would mean the entire Netrek server would have to be relicensed.

I just don't think that's possible to do without obtaining permission from original authors and every person who ever contributed code into it.

The code to write a simple index is not difficult to write.  I did that for a class project back in college.