On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 12:27:29PM -0700, Steve Sheldon wrote:
> Yes, but I think using a SQL database is a better long term solution
> and would be useful for recording other things such as historical INL
> game stats.  If it wasn't difficult to write the code to access it it'd
> be a slam dunk.

Actually, I've used postgresql a fair bit, and it's pretty easy.  The
problem is that it makes the netrek server installation a lot harder.  The
SQL database dependency can be a problem for non Linux/BSD machines where
setting up and installing such a database may not be trivial.  Also, most
database installs require root access...which the netrek server should not

> But as far as BDBM...  I assume you mean GDBM.  I checked and it's licensed
> under the GPL rather than the LGPL which would mean the entire Netrek server
> would have to be relicensed.

No, because we wouldn't distribute GDBM or have any derivative works.  I
belive GDBM API is a superset of NDBM, so as long as we use NDBM calls, we're
fine.  Also, GDBM isn't required...almost all UNIX systems come with ODBM and

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