Yes not the best example.  I'm not really sure how
they do it, I could suggest a number of ways.  But I
believe they run a script at midnight that updates the
top 1000 players or so... would be easy to hook up a
ASP to any SQL database and do on the fly.

XML I just figured would be easier, I'll whip
something up for an example... the big question is: 

Would any one be willing to modify the HTML Stats


> > For Example:  does this for Counter Strike
> >
> > 
> > Its very nice :-)
> None of that is XML; it's just multiple HTML files
> generated at the
> same time.  It doesn't even look like it's looking
> up in a database,
> it's just flat HTML, probably generated by a perl
> script.  Certainly
> it would be possible to write a script to generate
> similar output.
>  -Tom

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