On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 07:50:16PM -0700, Lee Crawford wrote:
> Yes not the best example.  I'm not really sure how
> they do it, I could suggest a number of ways.  But I
> believe they run a script at midnight that updates the
> top 1000 players or so... would be easy to hook up a
> ASP to any SQL database and do on the fly.
> XML I just figured would be easier, I'll whip
> something up for an example... the big question is: 
> Would any one be willing to modify the HTML Stats
> output?

ASP can fucking bite me.
(Not to mention it doesn't run on any platform the netrek server does,
at least not without paying for commercial software).

XML is not easier; XHTML is basically equivalent to HTML but more

Installing and running an SQL server is much harder than installing
and running a netrek server, so it wouldn't be "easy" to hook up
anything to an SQL database.

Modifying the existing end_tourney.pl script to do whatever it is
you want it to do should be simple.