I think I rather just buy Civilization: Call to Power.

Sorry, started browsing products. :)  

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> Heh.  Maybe we can get some money to hire somebody to write a 
> new newbie friendly Windows client...
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> For the attention of the coordinator of your Open Source Project.
> This is a one-off email to make you aware of a new program 
> being run by Tux Games, the Linux Games Store. If you are 
> already aware of it, please accept my apologies for this email.
> Tux Games is aware that you, and many like you devote many 
> hours to producing game-related Open Source projects. We know 
> that you do not do it for the money. But we also know that 
> many of you have bills to pay.
> Tux Games has set up a section of our online store to allow 
> you to list your game on our site, and tell people a little 
> about it. People will be able to make cash donations to your 
> project via credit card payments or PayPal. If you already 
> have a facility for this, then you will probably have no need 
> for our services, if you do not, then any Open Source game 
> related project is welcome to join up.
> We do not look for anything in return. We make no profit from 
> this. We are offering this as a community service, to allow 
> the people who give of their time to receive some tangible reward.
> This is the only email we will send, unless you request 
> further information. To join the program, please see the URL 
> http://www.tuxgames.com/donations .
> Thankyou,
>          Tux Games Open Source Projects
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