AFAIK ActiveX is a M$ component that allows scripting and remote
GUI'ing. Not sure. I don't see how you could run netrek
client/server in just ActiveX?

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, James Cameron wrote:

> G'day Rex,
> Glad to have you on board.  We could do with some help to get the
> Netrek game onto more desktops!
> But I'm not sure how ActiveX would help with this.  Can you tell me
> what it does?  I've never used it myself.  Most of my GUI development
> uses GTK+ and Glade.
> Have you tried the current COW 3.00pl3 client for Microsoft Windows
> with the high-quality graphics plug-in installed?  It looks like the
> pictures on (although the planets don't).
> I tried your page but it
> said my cat is taking typing lessons that are no good.  Is the URL ok?
> Have you got a resume of previous achievements that I can have a look at
> to get a feel for where we can use your skills most appropriately?
> Mine is at
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