ActiveX is simply a GUI form of a COM component.

I would say the technology serves two primary purposes:

#1. as a reusable component for integration into other applications.  The
HTML engine of Internet Explorer is an ActiveX component, and IE is simply a
front end interface to this engine, as an example.

#2. also as a plug-in component for use with a web browser allowing greater
functionality than HTML or scripted DHTML would provide.

Honestly I don't see how either of these two purpose work well together with
Netrek.  I don't think people want to play Netrek from within a browser.

On the other hand, if someone were wanting to rewrite the Netrek client in a
more object oriented fashion, one could utilize COM components for
networking, and different ActiveX components to represent the different
pieces of the client.  For instance an ActiveX component could contain the
code representing the dashboard, or message window, etc.

The Java client(written by Temple?) is object oriented as I recall from last
reading the source, and it's kind of interesting how easily the pieces fit
together in this fashion.

I actually would be interested in thinking about and perhaps writing a
netrek server/client using an object oriented architecture utilizing the
.Net beta.  I haven't thought this through enough to decide whether it is
worth doing from a technical standpoint, but it'd be a great learning
opportunity to understand the abilities and limitations of the framework.

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> AFAIK ActiveX is a M$ component that allows scripting and remote
> GUI'ing. Not sure. I don't see how you could run netrek
> client/server in just ActiveX?
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> > Glad to have you on board.  We could do with some help to get the
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> > But I'm not sure how ActiveX would help with this.  Can you tell me
> > what it does?  I've never used it myself.  Most of my GUI development
> > uses GTK+ and Glade.
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> > Have you tried the current COW 3.00pl3 client for Microsoft Windows
> > with the high-quality graphics plug-in installed?  It looks like the
> > pictures on (although the planets don't).
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