James Cameron wrote:
> Release early, release often.  Others can test your code and
> adjust it. I've been dreaming of a PHP based web site that
> would take a player's xtrekrc file and present a form to let
> them change how it works, then download the new one.  Package a
> web server and PHP with the client, and there you have it.  ;-}

Any progress?

> Ultimate goal is a nice setup.exe package, with a frontend
> program that helps generate an xtrekrc and then launches
> netrek.exe with options passed  to it.  Instead of using the
> command line, etc.

Cool. Who is working on it?

> I've got a computer camp coming up in September that I'd like
> this to be available for, in case you would like a deadline.
> ;-)

How did the camp go?


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