On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 10:51:52AM -0500, Zachary Uram wrote:
> James Cameron wrote:
> > Release early, release often.  Others can test your code and
> > adjust it. I've been dreaming of a PHP based web site that
> > would take a player's xtrekrc file and present a form to let
> > them change how it works, then download the new one.  Package a
> > web server and PHP with the client, and there you have it.  ;-}
> Any progress?

No, still a dream.  I have however done a set of pages for the results 
distribution of an INL server, now in the php directory on CVS.
See it at http://netrek.gctc.hwy.com.au/ click on Archives in the results 

> > Ultimate goal is a nice setup.exe package, with a frontend
> > program that helps generate an xtrekrc and then launches
> > netrek.exe with options passed  to it.  Instead of using the
> > command line, etc.
> Cool. Who is working on it?

Nobody but me so far.  I'm not the best choice for the job, 'cause I
don't use Windows.

In response to my posting to LWN.NET the most useful reply I got
(apart from Mandrake packaging) was a pointer to Inno Setup, which
should help achieve the goal.  http://www.jordanr.dhs.org/isinfo.htm

If you take this on, I can at least test installation for you.

> > I've got a computer camp coming up in September that I'd like
> > this to be available for, in case you would like a deadline.
> > ;-)
> How did the camp go?

Netrek-wise, we got about four games in.  The greatest pain was our
failure to distribute to the lab workstations an appropriate .xtrekrc
file that used a graphic dashboard.  The default in COW is still
numbers.  I'm wondering if I should add an .xtrekrc suggestions port
on the server and modify the client to get it via the network ... while
not relevant to internet play it would certainly have helped us; we had
to turn off the pixmaps because COW would GPF under certain tactical
conditions which we never fully worked out.

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