Alright, looks like it's just Zach any I who are interested
in doing this.

Just to establish a common environment, let's agree on the
libraries and programs we're gonna use:

gtk version 1.2.10
glib version 1.2.10
glade version 0.6.2

Guess what, this just happens to be what I have installed.

Anyway, I looked at gum.  I don't think glade uses the xml file to store the 
layout of your program anymore, though glade will still parse the xml.

However, glade now creates a totally different set of source files;  there 
isn't an xml file to describe the project anymore.  Most of the stuff that 
gets generated are stubs--you get to fill in the C code, mostly the callback 

I think we should just go with the latter approach.  Trying to salvage
code from gum could be problematic, since we'd have to remove all the 
existing widgets and add our own--easier to start from scratch.  We could 
probably use the stuff that James wrote to work with the config files--ie 
the functions to write stuff to the xtrekrc.

I'm gonna worry about the windows build.  I want to make sure I can build it 
using cygwin.  I've looked into it and yes, the libraries are available in 
cygwin, though I haven't tried compiling it there.

So, if you can set me and zach up with CVS access, we can get goin.


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>Subject: Re: [Vanilla List] any growth on this?
>Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 16:37:02 +0100
>On Friday 23 November 2001 00:36, James Cameron wrote:
> > Seems we have lots of people wanting to help with the GUI for .xtrekrc,
> > why don't we place it in the COW CVS tree and share the development
> > process?  Peer review is a useful thing.
>Perfectly fine. The COW source tree has to be restructured anyway.
>Just start a sub dir for the development, so that it might be developed
>client independently easily.
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