On Saturday 24 November 2001 11:19, Gerard Lim wrote:
> Alright, looks like it's just Zach any I who are interested
> in doing this.

> I'm gonna worry about the windows build.  I want to make sure I can build
> it using cygwin.  I've looked into it and yes, the libraries are available
> in cygwin, though I haven't tried compiling it there.

Just tell me when you run into troubles with that. For COW I did both, the 
cygwin Windows native, as well as the X version. Cygwin improved a lot 
recently, but there might still some pitfalls you might run into.

> So, if you can set me and zach up with CVS access, we can get goin.

Get a login at sourceforge and tell us the login names so that we can provide 
you with proper permissions to start the development.


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