On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 10:37:53PM -0500, Gerard Lim wrote:
> I don't see an xml file in any of the files being generated by
> glade.

Sorry, yeah, as you found out, it's the .glade file now.

> No what I'm saying is we should pick out some of the routines that
> we would probably have to implement, like writing options to the
> xtrekrc.  Or not, which we'll have to judge for ourselves when the
> time comes to write that part of the program.


> As I've already said, I'm leaning towards starting from scratch--it
> makes little sense to remove james's widgets just to add our own.

Yep.  But make sure you see how I did it, because I took a while figuring
out how to make the code so that adding a new option was very easy.

I used a few design rules;

- widget name had to match the option in the rc file, so that there
  was no need for code specific to particular options,

- widget name suffix was used for options with particular set of valid
  values, so DASHBOARD_0, DASHBOARD_1, DASHBOARD_2 would be the names
  of radio buttons for the "Dashboard:" option, made the code simple,

- made use of as much code as possible in the parent project, like the
  list of option names, descriptions, and data types,

- each widget had a %s_LABEL widget next to it, so that the name shown
  on screen for the setting could be managed by the parent project
  rather than by gum,

Be careful in making assumptions about gum, because the code predates some
of the design improvements in Glade.  While Glade nowadays creates a src
directory and uses different names, at the time I first used it everything
was in the same directory.  signals.c is where most of the work is done.

I've added some better comments to signals.c and committed it to CVS.

I suggest that you learn what functionality is available by compiling and
running gum.

Have you placed the list of features in a TODO file in CVS yet? ;-)
I'd like the program to be good enough to be a front end to COW.  This
is what I had in mind when I re-worked the metaserver solicitation
protocol last year or the year before.  A GTK GUI front end that does
the metaserver query and lets the player join the game, but with a tag
or button that customises their .xtrekrc file.

I've checked the developer list.  Gerard Lim has access now, we're
waiting on Zach.

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