>Have you placed the list of features in a TODO file in CVS yet? ;-)
>I'd like the program to be good enough to be a front end to COW.  This
>is what I had in mind when I re-worked the metaserver solicitation
>protocol last year or the year before.  A GTK GUI front end that does
>the metaserver query and lets the player join the game, but with a tag
>or button that customises their .xtrekrc file.

Just updated the TODO file.  I've also added a directory called 
netrek-config following Kurt's suggestion.

Aside from that, anyone know why all the checked out cow source
files are read-only?  I can commit changes though...

Also, what's the name of the Vanilla server module for CVS ?  :)

>I've checked the developer list.  Gerard Lim has access now, we're
>waiting on Zach.

And Michael Wyatt too.


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