From: Zachary Uram <zu22 at>
>Netscrape is truly a piece of garbage.

Well only Version 4.x and earlier.  Utter pieces of crap, people wonder why they lost marketshare so bad.

Version 6.x is much much much much(do I need more muchs) better, still not quite as good as IE but close.  According to there's a bit of a battle brewing internally about this.  AOL apparently is still forcing support for the 4.x browser even though the Netscape engineers recognize it's a piece of crap(there are pages on the website which say 'best viewed with v6.x') and would prefer to completely drop support for it.

>Someone told me to get SF account yet it is going away. So if CVS
>will be handled locally off of our own server don't I need an
>account there and not a CVS? Just pull the COW tree down to our
>local CVS node right?

I don't think Sourceforge is going away yet.  There is some concern as VA Linux(or VA Research or VA Software or whatever they are calling themselves these days) is flushing money down toilets faster than they can find it.  But they publically have committed to Sourceforge as their own personal Kandahar.  It'll be around for a while yet.

It's a useful service, so even if VA does bite it, someone will take it over.  It may not always be free, but something similar will exist.

Still, it's always best to keep local copies as backups, just in case.  :)

BTW, there are a couple of new ways to use CVS under Windows people might be interested in.

Tortoise shell is a bit nicer than WinCVS