On Tuesday 27 November 2001 13:24, James Cameron wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 04:20:58AM -0500, Gerard Lim wrote:

> > However such a thing doesn't exist for COW.  The keymap and options are
> > 'hardcoded', as it were, in two files:  input.c and defaults.c (correct
> > me if I'm wrong).
> Yes, that's right.  This should change.  Suggest how to change it?

COW includes a script which extracts all settings including the defaults set 
from the code.

	 make XTREKRC 

which creates a list of all the defaults available. As for the keymap 
options, it shouldn't be that hard to do. We might grep them out from the

	key_handler_type key_handlers[MAXKEY] =                                      

structure, when we add proper coments for the actions.

So lets agree on the syntax of this defaults file for a common base and grep 
all information for that out of the code. Additional special comments within 
the code to support it should not be a problem at all.


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