On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Bob Tanner wrote:
> It looks like VA is on the rocks and the above url questions if SF will be
> around much longer.

Oh no :(

> I have not been as active in netrek as I use to, times are tough and I'm having
> to work billiable hours instead of playing netrek all day :-)


> As always, resources here at Real Time are available to the netrek community if
> the decision to leave SF is necessary.

Cool! lets hope Real Time don't go away!! :)

> As an aside, Nate another tech here has gotten SF running//working on a debian
> box based on some project that is happening in the debian world, so we could do
> a mini(?) SF on orion?

I run Debian (woody) at home. DEBIAN KICKS ASS!
Can someone please package Vanilla for debian?

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