On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 05:24:45PM +0200, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> > Well, RES-RSA doesn't produce any installable runtimes.  You could bulid
> > a dev package that contains it, however.

> I tought it was an independant project, but it seems actually to be a 
> netrek-dependant one. I guess it is used by several netrek client/servers, 
> right ?

It's a related project, but it's separate because of crypto issues.

> Howevern Vanilla-2.9p17 archive already ships everyting from res-rsa-2.9.2 
> one, with even one more source file rsa-server.c. So, what's the use of the 
> additional archive ?

James, are you bundling RES-RSA with Vanilla?

> Now with the new problems... Vanilla use standard autoconf/automake,

While Vanilla does use autoconf, I'm not sure how many of the specific
directory overrides it accepts.  Perhaps James could comment.

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