On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 11:49:23AM +0200, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> Before adding vanilla package to official mandrake contributions, i must be 
> sure of the license used. I found no mention of it neither on web site nor in 
> archive, except for gum (GPL). To be precise, i found the 'unknown' mention 
> in existing spec file, but that won't comply with mandrake policy :-)
> I have the same question for cow, if anybody here knows.

The netrek licensing issue has never been fully resolved because people
have different interpretations for it.  In my opinion, the license is
completely free for any use and, therefore, is even more generous than
GPL or BSD.  However, other people feel that the "without fee" clause
restricts it to non-commercial use.  The only thing you can do is take
the copyright statements and clear it with the Mandrake people and get
their interpretation on it.  Note that you should send them all copyright

James, perhaps it's time to revisit this licensing issue and either
rerelease netrek under an existing OSS license or create our own.

> I had no feedback from first package release, doesn't anybody had a look ? 
> I'm currently aware of broken service script, and log file problem.

Sorry, I don't use any RPM derived linux systems...

> Finally, do you have any contact with xsw community/developpers 
> (http://wolfpack.twu.net/ShipWars/XShipWars) ?

I don't think so.

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