On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 11:27:35AM -0400, Dave Ahn wrote:
> James, perhaps it's time to revisit this licensing issue and either
> rerelease netrek under an existing OSS license or create our own.

I agree, and I prefer rereleasing under an existing OSS license, but I
have no idea how this is done.  Is it simply a matter of sticking the
GPL on it and thus violating the 'without fee' clause of the old 

I suspect I am not qualified to make this judgement.  I'll need some

> Sorry, I don't use any RPM derived linux systems...

Nor do I, sorry.  Is it a net installable distribution?  I've got 56k
here in the Australian outback.  Can I download some floppy images, and
then install from them?

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