On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Dave Ahn wrote:
> David Watson contributed some network utilization stat graphs for a real
> INL game held recently at eurotwinks.netrek.org.  As there have been
> some discussion in the past about how much bandwidth Netrek needs, this
> provides some useful data which might suggest that our earlier numbers
> might need to be upped.  The graphs are available as part of the stats
> at the below URL.

I'd really like to see the packets per second on a per player basis for both
input and output, in terms of say one second peak.  I've always wondered what
the auto-firing borgs that are popular now do to network bandwidth.  If the
client sends 100 fire phaser requests per second, does the server respond with
100 "phaser not ready" messages?  Does spamming the server with change course
packets cause other players' ntservs to not get any cputime?  netrek doesn't
request any real-time scheduling, so there's no reason the OS won't decide to
sacrifice latency for throughput when scheduling.

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