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> Zach,
> There is hardware that will test the RAM on BIOS and
> identify which
> stick is broken.
> memtest, on Knoppix CDs, and as a Debian package, can
> test RAM but
> usually cannot identify which stick.
> Some hardware even has ECC and detection circuitry that
> will log the
> event to a small processor on the system board. 
> Examining the event log
> can show the fault.  This hardware is generally more
> expensive than
> consumer hardware.
> I've no idea what Bob is using.  It's not that important
> exactly what he
> is using, but at least I've explained some of the
> options.

G'day James,

I see. Thanks for the elucidation. Do you have any options
for determining whether a mother board has gone bad or
whether it is certain card(s) or both? On my first computer
about 12 months after I had it one day I powered it on but
no boot noises or anything showed up on the monitor. So I
took it to a shop and he said the mother board apparently
short circuited and took out the RAM/video card/sound card
along with it! I wish I had a way to verify this before
paying for a new mboard/RAM/video/sound. I suppose one card
could short circuit for various reasons (over heating,
dust, humidity) and and this could over-load the
motherboard and take out additional cards or is it more
likely something happened to the mother board (I had
computer plugged into surge suppressor strip but I realize
this is not same as UPS with voltage high/low protection)
and it caused the other things to fail? Anything I can buy
at Radio Shack to do the testing myself? Are there any
How-To guides on using such equipment as a voltmeter?
Another time my monitor refused to come on so just when I
was about ready to get rid of it I let the computer sit
idle for a week unplugged and next time I pressed the
monitor power button it worked! But subsequently I
discovered the monitor would only power on if i booted with
it powered off and then powered it on during a certain
point in the boot cycle! Wish I could figure out this one. 

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