I am preparing to release glTrekApplet, and would like a usable RSA key for servers (INL, public and hockey). Presently it only legitimately runs on continuum because Quozl was kind enough to allow that to help netrek development efforts move forward. However I would like to demo it on a full complement of servers to run it under in order to add more testing hours to the client and an RSA key can help in that regard. Here is the key I would like added to the key chain.

glTrekApplet-Java-OpenGL-WebClient:ct=glTrekApplet:cr=msucka0xff at\
   :cd=Dec 2004:ar=Java1.5-gl4Java2.8.2.0:cl=inl,standard2:\ 
   :cm=glTrekApplet hosted by Debian Linux and broadband cable connection:\ 
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