glTrekApplet is a web based netrek client written in Java that runs as
an applet. It uses the Java 1.5 browser plugin from Sun Microsystems,
and the OpenGL libraries from Jausoft GL4Java (OpenGLTM for JavaTM,
Version glTrekApplet is based on the java client released
originally by Nick Slager, called glTrek. It was modified and extended
to run as an applet and connect to netrek servers using Java RMI
packages. The RMI component was originally set up to work with
JTrekApplet, and was a project that I started and later named obstrek
as in observer netrek. I added obstrek to glTrek, and called it
glTrekApplet and it is central purpose is web based netrek observation,
and a staging point to jump to 3D Netrek versions

It works somewhat, but is still buggy and needs testers to identify the
bugs, and ppl looking at the code to fix it (which is not necessarily
difficult). The most notable bug is difficulty in locking on to players
or planets using the galatic (its a bug that needs fixing). The left
hand corner of the galactic seems to be OK, but trying to lock to other
areas is no good. UDP is also broken, don't try and open it unless you
want the client to crash immediately and hose slots.

You can try it out at this stage, but you will need to set up your
environment. First you need the Java 1.5 Sun Microsystems browser
plugin. Second you will need to install gl4Java libraries. Test your
setup at this poing with the gl4Java demos. Next open your firewall
setting to allow host to connect
(usually port 1098/1099). Also the client features improved sound

Java Plugin:

Install gl4Java:

Adjust Firewall Settings: ports 1098/1099

The Demo Is At:

The Source is At:

I will be moving the sources to the Basic's arch repo so we can
incorporate your work very soon.

For support, comments, contributions goto, channel
#netrek. For e-mail support copy the contents of the error messages et
al from the Java Console and send to msucka0... at, Subject
glTrekApplet. You may also post to r.g.n.

Special Thanks:

* Nick Slager, Robert Temple, Ted Tonchev, Quozl, zu22, Basic,
Psychosis, Jerub, unbelievr, Steve Sheldon, and many others.

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