The pre-t bots don't spawn until the first person enters the server. About a 
minute after the last person leaves the server the bots go away again. It 
shouldn't be too hard to keep the bots going instead of being killed. Your 
only issues would be to start the bots when the server is started or a geno 
happens and no one comes back. 

It's nice to hear that it probably wasn't me that broke the db ;) 

If James put the pre-t bots on contunuum too, I might have to start playing 
and working on my client again... 


David Watson writes: 

> 	Well I tried a normal game and got the same corruption of the database. I 
> also don't seem to get solicitation of the metaservers (from iptables 
> logging on that machine looking for outgoing traffic on 3521 (udp and 
> tcp). In fact Ideally I would like bots to appear as players to attract 
> new people to try that first, I guess I will have to look at the code but 
> my programming is pretty feeble. 
> Cheers 
> Dave 
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