You should just change RSA=1 to RSA=0
in both makefiles (src and src/cursors)
and see if it will compile.


On Sat, 24 Jan 2004, Daniel Damouth wrote:

> Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 22:38:16 -0800
> From: Daniel Damouth <damouth at>
> Reply-To: vanilla-list at
> To: vanilla-list at
> Subject: [Vanilla List] compiling stat's client w/wout RSA
> Hi everyone.  Hope this is an appropriate place for my question.
> I'm trying to compile NetrekXP on XP, and I don't care if it's blessed, because I'm thinking of creating a hockey bot, and I don't think the hockey server I want to test on needs it.  Got Borland.  Client seems to compile ok (albeit with a hundred warnings), until I get the error messages appended below.
> If the problem is my lack of an RSA key file, can I get around it somehow in order to compile a non-blessed client, or do I need to generate a key?
> -Dan / tuber / Charity
> mkkey version [RES-RSA 2.9.2: Mar. 13, 2000][GMP]
> Source basename: "rsa_box"
> Number of shells: 3
> Number of steps between swaps: 2
> Number of files: 5
> Ratio of computation in files to main file: 0.8
> Reading key from keycap file "\netrek_files\rsa\NetrekXP-Mod-RSA-Key-Win32.secre
> t"...
> D:\NetrekXP\netrekxpsrc\tools\mkkey.exe: can't open keycap file "\netrek_files\r
> sa\NetrekXP-Mod-RSA-Key-Win32.secret"
> No such file or directory
> ** error 1 ** deleting rsa_box.c
> Stamping netrek.exe: FileVersion= ProductVersion=
> error: Couldn't open netrek.exe for writing (The handle is invalid.)

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