On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, James Cameron wrote:
> The way it works is to hold the client back from joining the queue or
> the game until a previous client from the same IP address exits.  The
> client displays a wait queue of 32.

Besides keeping people from joining multiple times, this does two other

You can't switch teams by waiting in the queue for a open slot to come up on
the other team.

If you ghostbust, you can't come back in until your slot is finally freed.

> passed by others not in the game.  In the "wait queue 32" state, you are
> not strictly in a queue at all.  The server end of the connection will
> be polling the player list, waiting for you to free the slot.  Once that
> happens, it will be as if you started the client then.

How does the player list polling work?  I get worried whenever I hear someone
say polling.

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