On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 04:06:43PM -0800, Trent Piepho wrote:
> You can't switch teams by waiting in the queue for a open slot to come up on
> the other team.

Yes.  To compensate, I was thinking of adding a queue for each team.

> If you ghostbust, you can't come back in until your slot is finally freed.

Yes.  I thought of the new connection destroying the old, but that
would give everyone a fast way back to their home planet.

How long is this delay, and what causes the ghostbust?  I had earlier
reduced the amount of time that the server will reattempt connection
over TCP back to the client on the fallback port.  Without being able
to do that, there's little point the server keeping the slot in use.

> How does the player list polling work?  I get worried whenever I hear 
> someone say polling.

Each second, iterates through the player list, doing a strcmp() against 
each active slot's p_full_hostname.  This continues while the Q32 state 

By comparison, the normal queue polling which happens while you are 
waiting for a slot in a full game, checks each second to see if is at 
head of queue, and if so calls pickslot().

The latter is certainly cheaper than the former, but on the old hardware
we use for continuum the former is still quite cheap.

The netrekd process will not fork more than MAXPROCESSES (88) processes.
The wait queue is limited to MAXWAITING (32) as usual.

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