=- James Cameron wrote on Mon 18.Dec'06 at  9:29:16 +1100 -=

> > It would support all Paradise features not existing in Bronco.
> > {...}
> > Oh, not to forget TQ (tournament queue!!!) and in-game observe
> > toggle.
> For the record, I'm still interested in this code being merged into
> Vanilla, as a sysdef option.  We've just completed a merge of the
> Sturgeon code that way, last week, without significant problems yet.

Glad to hear that, though I'm no code expert for either Bronco or
Paradise. I have to delay looking at this until later in 2007.
Maybe other Paradisers are competent enough to look at it sooner.

The treklib idea reminded me of the question: what is netrek?
Occasionally one or other client or feature was called "borgish".
	(incl. Paradise)
Can we get an official definition for "Bronco" Netrek?
	What's the focus of the game?
	Which features support it, which hurt?
Once this is set, ...
Quit complaining about desired new features?
Deny "blessed" status for anything beyond "fair" play?

Is this covered somewhere else (wiki?) already?

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