On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 08:24:53PM +0100, Rado S wrote:
> The treklib idea reminded me of the question: what is netrek?
> Occasionally one or other client or feature was called "borgish".
> 	(incl. Paradise)
> Can we get an official definition for "Bronco" Netrek?
> 	What's the focus of the game?
> 	Which features support it, which hurt?
> Once this is set, ...
> Quit complaining about desired new features?
> Deny "blessed" status for anything beyond "fair" play?
> Is this covered somewhere else (wiki?) already?

These are philosophical questions ... there is no authority, there is no
organisation, except that which we create.  Your questions might be
seeking such authority in a void.  The only real authority figure we
have is Carlos, for accepting keys into the blessed list, yet many
servers don't follow this list.

Unfairness in the context of a running game is destructive, and should
be avoided, but the implementation of this varies according to the
participant.  Some demand client blessing, with a refusal to admit the
technical uselessness of such a concept.  By my decision, the only
threshold of control is the Netrek protocol on TCP and UDP.  Development
will occur, new features may threaten old styles of play, but since the
data is available to all in the same form all they have to do is upgrade
their client to use it.

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