On Mon, 29 May 2006, William Balcerski wrote:

> 1) Ship headings to 256 with SP2
> Cons: Can one argue more accurate ship headings gives an unfair 
> advantage in dogfighting?

Yes. It makes old clients obsolete.

> 2) Ability to bomb enemy 3rd space planets in your T-mode opponent's 
> space
> Cons: Can't think of any

It makes it okay to ruin the game by doing the 3rd space / 3rd race 

> 3) Have server send info on torp and plasma fuses
> Cons: Possible borgish behavior to make torps visibly fuse out as they
> reach end of life cycle, perhaps by blinking?

Yes, it's borgish. It gives info that no other client has even given that 
gives very unfair advantages to the players that choose the client with 
this super feature.

> Of course, any clued player will pretty much know when a torp is going 
> to expire anyways.

Only if you saw the torp fired and even then you can't be more sure than a 
couple of centimeters plus or minus.