> Care to share your findings? How many players clients have you checked and
> during what period of time have you done this?
> It doesn't work on continuum anymore, so where have you done this?
Sending 5 spaces to all board still works to get client info from all
players.  Right off the bat, 75% of players use Netrek XP or Netrek XP
Mod, which has 32 pos bitmaps.  Current COW and Paradise users also have
32 pos bitmaps.

Current game on continuum:
12 Netrek XP or XP Mod
3 Netrek XP 2006
1 Netrek 1999
3 Paradise 2000rc5
1 Paradise/Tedturner 1.3.1
1 COW 2.02
2 COW 2.10

32 view pixmaps were put in COW as of 3.00, so those 3 players don't have
em, But if they used the latest version of their client, they would as well.
Same for the 1 Tedturner user (the lastest version of Paradise has em).
The other 19 users have the 32 pixmap sets.

> I strongly disagree. Between 16 and 32 there's "only" twice as many
> positions. In the 16 position setup there's four positions in a 90 degree
> turn, in 32 there's eight. That's a big noticable difference, but with 256
> positions there's an amazing 64 positions in a 90 degree turn, so with 256
> positions the ship moves virtually seemless, so all the position fake
> moves are useless. So anyone playing with a client that has 256 ship
> position is unaffected by the, very difficult, position fake move.

In a dogfight you can't turn to the degree, maybe if you are a borg but no
one is that good ;P.  I've played with the client in both 32 position mode
and 256 position mode, I really don't notice the difference in combat.
It's more noticeable during orbiting, or when you are going at high warp.

> One might argue (which you are not) that it's so much prettier with 256
> ship positions and that it's okay to have clients with that many ship
> positions just because it makes the game prettier and therefore draws more
> people, like when we went from 5 to 10 updates per second (which really
> screwed with dogfighting and made it a lot easier for poor dogfighters).
> That's a more legitimate argument, and if that's the way the developers
> want the game to go it's an easy call to make.
Thought about using that argument but it didn't address the concern you
brought up.  But yes that's the way I'd like to go, I want to make the
client look better, that includes smoother ship turning, higher resolution
bitmaps, larger tactical window, etc.