On Sat, 3 Jun 2006, William Balcerski wrote:

>> Care to share your findings? How many players clients have you checked and
>> during what period of time have you done this?
>> It doesn't work on continuum anymore, so where have you done this?
> Sending 5 spaces to all board still works to get client info from all
> players.  Right off the bat, 75% of players use Netrek XP or Netrek XP
> Mod, which has 32 pos bitmaps.  Current COW and Paradise users also have
> 32 pos bitmaps.
> Current game on continuum:

Okay, I was just interested in where you got those numbers. You made it 
sound like you were stating a fact, but what you were really stating was 
your estimation.

Sure, a vast majority of players today use a client with 32 ship pos for 
enemy ships. I don't think it's the "95%+" you're advocating (and with 
the "statistics" taken from one single game on continuum you've shown 
that it's actually less than that numer), but the exact percentage isn't 
very important. Still, going from 32 positions to 256 is huge any way you 
look at it (and that's a fact).

> It's more noticeable during orbiting, or when you are going at high warp.

Yeah, in hockey it's huge.