On Sun, 4 Jun 2006, Dave Ahn wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 04, 2006 at 02:52:54PM +0200, Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
>>> The "gap" between a great and poor dogfighter stayed the same (a guy who
>>> can't react fast enough at 5 UPS also can't react at 10 UPS)
>> No. The good dogfighters needed less time to find a hole to dodge through
>> a cloud of torps at 5 UPS. At 10 UPS the good dogfighters could still
>> dodge as well but the poor dogfighters got huge help and started to dodge
>> much better.
> In this context, a good dogfighter needs less information, not less
> time, to find a hole to dodge through a cloud of torps, because he can
> estimate the position, speed, and direction of the torps inbetween the
> updates.

In this context, time is information. With more UPS comes more information 
per time unit.

> Sorry, but 5->10 UPS doesn't somehow make a dogfighter's
> fingers physically move faster whether he's good or poor.

I never claimed that. It gives more information to all players, even 
those who before the 5->10 change were great dogfighters who had acquired 
the skill to "read" enemy movements and angles and with the 5->10 change 
all players could dodge by just waiting to see where the torps were going 
and then find the hole as opposed to assuming where torps 4-8 would go 
after watching where torps 1-3 were going.

> I've seen a good number of newbies or semi-clues improve their dodging
> abilities at 10 UPS, but I've seen just as many, if not more, who did
> not improve at all.  Maybe your observation has been different.

The change in how people were dogfighting was huge.

> We're mostly quibbling over semantics here, and I generally agree that 
> 10 UPS does allow average dogfighters to become slightly better, but I 
> don't consider this change to be as earthshattering as you make it out 
> to be, at least in terms of pickup or league play.

Well, maybe that's cause you haven't played more than a handful of hours 
since the 5->10 change. :)