Zach, I disagree with your post.  First I think you need to realize that
the option can very well be turned off, and configured, by the server
admin, thus a request to "disable completely" the "totally unacceptable"
ban feature is a request that should be sent to the server god.  Granted
there are several problems with ban in it's current state, not limited to:
1) Only takes 2 votes to ban, if 2 players constitute majority on team
2) Same IP can register multiple ban votes
3) Banned observers can still send messages (not sure if this is
intentional or not)

I think in theory it's good to have the ability for the players to have
options to remove abusive and/or disruptive players.  Of course in
practice it doesn't always work out this way, and yes it is and will be
abused, just like eject.  And with the netrek community being so small,
with only 1 server that sees regular T-mode games, the potential for abuse
is even higher.  On the other hand, letting the players doing the policing
rather than having them bother the server gods with their squabbles seems
the best solution from an administrative point of view.

As for server majority vs team majority, no this isn't a good idea,
because why should the other team be forced to deal with your team's