This is still a work in progress, but I thought I'd
share out the code, and get some peer review before I
send in the final dpatch with documentation. 

Basically, PFORBIT player flag is no longer being sent
by the netrek server. 

Newbie robots needed this in order to detect people
picking up armies to take planets. Robots were not
ogging  carriers except through the human carries

There was some code already in the robot that just
needed to be uncommented out to start tracking
carriers again. But, it was easily fooled. You can
simply cloak and pick. Or be invisible and pick, and
the robots would not know you carried. 

Added some more agressive logic so that robots won't
be fooled.  BUT, it's not the logic I wanted to put

My original concept was:

Track all planets. If enemy planet count started
decreasing, assume the closest or bunch of closest
enemies with kills are picking them up. Based on
enemy's last known positions.

The concept I ended up writing was:

Track all invisible/cloaked players, based on last
known position. Attach closest planet into their
struct. If the closest_planet army count was dropping,
assume they are picking up. 

You can fool the bots by cloaking or going invisible
near one planet, and flying other to another one to

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