The original problem was: robots were not tracking
enemy players from picking up as the server was no
status flags. 

My previous patch was to change the server to send at
least the PFORBIT flag. 

As my previous patch was unofficially shot down, here
is my solution. 

Also included are a bunch of improvements as to how
the robots track carriers. 

Also included are a new toggle switch, robdc - robots
don't carry. This shorts circuits alot of this logic,
Forcing real players to need to ogg the robots, as the
robots won't ogg other robots. 

As this feature is controversial, it is turned off by

I didn't get alot of comments when I sent the draft
patch out.  It compiles, and runs for hours and hours
and hours. Robots track enemy carriers better. 

Hoping this patch gets accepted. 

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