On Mon, 12 Jun 2006, Jimmy Huang wrote:
> Also included are a bunch of improvements as to how
> the robots track carriers.
> Also included are a new toggle switch, robdc - robots
> don't carry. This shorts circuits alot of this logic,
> Forcing real players to need to ogg the robots, as the
> robots won't ogg other robots.

It would be a lot easier if you could use darc's nifty interactive patch
selector to make a patch that only does one thing.  This is a pretty
standard rule for software development.  I've even been told to put each
patch of a related group of patches into a separate email, to make replying
to an individual patch easier.

A nice feature of darcs (it's only nice feature, IMHO) is that is makes
this very easy to do.  If darcs shows you a hunk like this:

hunk ./Vanilla/robotd/update_players.c 150
-         p->closest_pl = closest_planet(j, &pldist, p->closest_pl);
-         p->closest_pl_dist = pldist;
+         p->closest_pl = closest_planet(j, &pldist, p->closest_pl);
+         p->closest_pl_dist = pldist;

       if(j->p_flags & PFBOMB)

I'm not even sure what changed.  Did you change some tabs to spaces?  Add
or remove trailing whitespace?  It's obviously got nothing to do with your
patch, so when darcs asks you if you want to include it, say no.