--- Trent Piepho <xyzzy at speakeasy.org> wrote:
> It would be a lot easier if you could use darc's
> nifty interactive patch
> selector to make a patch that only does one thing. 
> This is a pretty
> standard rule for software development.  I've even
> been told to put each
> patch of a related group of patches into a separate
> email, to make replying
> to an individual patch easier.

I like to grab the latest tree. darcs get. And work
off that and make small changes. Unfortunately, stuff
just started to pile. 

> hunk ./Vanilla/robotd/update_players.c 150
> -         p->closest_pl = closest_planet(j, &pldist,
> p->closest_pl);
> -         p->closest_pl_dist = pldist;
> +         p->closest_pl = closest_planet(j, &pldist,
> p->closest_pl);
> +         p->closest_pl_dist = pldist;
>        }

I didn't know what to make of that either! I *think* I
converted some tabs into spaces. When I saw that, the
indent looked different in my screen, so I included
it, as the indent looked good last time I looked at
the code. 

> I'm not even sure what changed.  Did you change some
> tabs to spaces?  Add
> or remove trailing whitespace?  It's obviously got
> nothing to do with your
> patch, so when darcs asks you if you want to include
> it, say no.

Okay, if it looks identical, don't put it in a patch.