> Fuel is being sent as a 16-bit unsigned quantity (u_short).  It may
> change between the time it is tested here and the time it is placed in
> the short packet.  It seems reasonable to check it against a margin
> rather than 65536.
Hmm I guess what I was trying to get at was, if fuel were ever larger than
an unsigned int could hold, there would be problems in numerous places,
especially client side as they would not be able to accept fuel as a long
int.  So the margin check would have no impact.

> Line 750:
> 	case SP_YOU|0x40:	/* ??? what is this? */
> Clearly a hack.  ;-0
I wonder whose comment that is?  Heh.  I think you misunderstood the
question though.  In that long switch list, lines 746-772, numerous types
eventually get sent to sendSC() at line 798.  What in the sendSC()
function determines which of those types are critical?