On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 02:34:30AM -0700, William Balcerski wrote:
> Hmm I guess what I was trying to get at was, if fuel were ever larger than
> an unsigned int could hold, there would be problems in numerous places,
> especially client side as they would not be able to accept fuel as a long
> int.  So the margin check would have no impact.

So what?  It's still useful, as it would prevent short packets from
being used in the event a larger fuel was used.  In the SP_YOU packet it
is sent as a LONG.

> I wonder whose comment that is?  Heh.  I think you misunderstood the
> question though.  In that long switch list, lines 746-772, numerous types
> eventually get sent to sendSC() at line 798.  What in the sendSC()
> function determines which of those types are critical?

No, sendSC() is only used if DOUBLE_UDP is defined, and that's a
diagnostic tool not normally defined.  socket.c has an #undef for it.

So sendSC() is not relevant.

The long switch statement determines if a packet is sent by UDP or TCP.
See the gwrite() call on line 786 for UDP, and the call on line 821 for

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