> The old paradise client works fine on bronco servers and it does
> use the larger bitmap.  It's where the ATT came from originally.
> Tedturner does come with a 28x28 ATT bitmap, from AT.xbm in
> TedTuner-1.3.1 source.
> #define att_width 28
> #define att_height 448
Ah, I see now where that was, it's the Ind AT that is 28x28 in paradise
and Ted Turner.  However, for Fed/Rom/Kli/Ori, it uses a 20x20 bitmap for
the AT.  For Paradise-2000, I imagine you use 20x20 for the 32 position AT
bitmaps for Fed/Rom/Kli/Ori?  But which size do you use for the Ind AT?

I think I finally understand why, in the xtkill code, it set the player ship
size to 20x20 when you give them an AT.  It's because all clients use
20x20 for player ATs, it's just that the Ind ATs may be 28x28.  However,
with the last few AT patches, I removed all the obstacles that prevented a
player from refitting into or choosing an AT from team select screen
(provided the ship is a valid ship type in the sysdef file).  I am
wondering, in what case would there actually be a 28x28 AT used?  If the
server god was in game as Ind, and gave himself AT with xtkill, the code
would still have set his ship size to 20x20.  Unless there is another way
to generate an Ind AT?

I still think the default ship size should stay at 20x20.  The use of
tiled bitmap sets has led to all ship art being drawn the same size.  I
think every released, actively developed client today uses the tiled bitmaps.