On Wed, 21 Jun 2006, William Balcerski wrote:
> > The old paradise client works fine on bronco servers and it does
> > use the larger bitmap.  It's where the ATT came from originally.
> >
> > Tedturner does come with a 28x28 ATT bitmap, from AT.xbm in
> > TedTuner-1.3.1 source.
> > #define att_width 28
> > #define att_height 448
> >
> Ah, I see now where that was, it's the Ind AT that is 28x28 in paradise
> and Ted Turner.  However, for Fed/Rom/Kli/Ori, it uses a 20x20 bitmap for
> the AT.  For Paradise-2000, I imagine you use 20x20 for the 32 position AT
> bitmaps for Fed/Rom/Kli/Ori?  But which size do you use for the Ind AT?

No, that's wrong.  TedTurner-1.3.1 doesn't acutually have 20x20 ATT bitmaps,
those are just copies of the GA bitmaps.  Paradise 2000 and the old paradise
client, which a few people still use, only has 28x28 bitmaps for ATT.

> I still think the default ship size should stay at 20x20.  The use of
> tiled bitmap sets has led to all ship art being drawn the same size.  I
> think every released, actively developed client today uses the tiled bitmaps.

You are wrong.