On 6/22/06, Cliff Hudson <chronosws at comcast.net> wrote:
> I've always been disappointed at the decline of Netrek (I started myself
> back in 92 in college) but the client presentation has always felt like

Welcome Cliff.

What handle did you play as primarily? I've been playing since '94.
Welcome to the list.
Are you a programmer?

> one of the largest factors in turning off new players to me (I have no
> studies to prove it, this is a gut feeling.)  Personally, I think you
> draw them in with cool graphics and sound (first impressions, right?)
> and keep them with the stellar game play.  I know there have been many
> client forks, but even the NetrekXP ones have just been mildly warmed
> over rehashes of COW clients, and certainly not up to the standards a
> modern gamer would expect.  Is the community even willing to give the
> game the good, hard look it deserves to bring it up to the 21st century?

I agree. What ideas do you have that a modern client should encapsulate?